The “anyone can” navigation

The smartLINE touch surface is absolutely predestined for a simple and intuitive navigation. You have smartCONTROL under control without any effort whatsoever, in addition to you being provided with the data and information which are important to you. Operation and visualising in modern mobile communication style.

You will finde some details of the clever and ergonomic smartLINE handling on this page.


The start page or homepage displays the most important tool and material information. All of the smartLINE functions ca be directly accessed from the main menu.

MEASURING: display the force progress.
TOOL: Set and manage the tool parameters.
REPORT: display and Manage all of the reports. MEMO: display and right customized memos.
SET-UP: set-up the installation assistant and System paramters (language, date, time, set-up).
DIAGNOSIS: help system and fault checklist. The function keys can always be accessed, as can the time.

Measured values

Each of the measuring channels has an odometer for a fast overview of the situation and a curve display with threshold values, which reflects the measuring progress up to then. smartLINE can record and display up to 12 measuring channels. More than 4 channels can be selected by each scroll. The info button show which function is active at that given time. When this is activated, this page is closed and the homepages is opened. The icon provides the information as to which measuring task is allocated to which channel.


smartLINEuses reports to provide information on all important occurrences,malfunctions and special events. Each of the reports is displayed with the date,time,icon and text in the order it is called-up until it is acknowledged. Popup menus are temporary, context-related fade-ins of different types and useful navigation elements.