Certainly with the crash stop technology

Failures and crash of IPC always cost money, lots of money and image to it. That’s why is not only required advanced computer technology, but just as important, the security and reliability of machines. Ultimately, your customers are not interested yes the inner workings of your IPC, but only the results of your products.

The all-new crash-stop Technology in CompactPC|eco provides maximum security and reliability for Hardware and software and reduces the IPC attacks on Null. Der CompactPC|eco, providing the ideal Computing platform, the perfect hardware for your products. The Security Strategy of the crash stop Technology provides three ways for it:

The security package crash stop|technology not only saves considerable maintenance costs, but also provides for maximum PC availability and therefore for your good product image.

Nothing works without a PC, with CompactPC|eco but everything is much safer.
Therefore: … up with your image down costs.

The safety concept:


Mechanical drives in secure IPC’s are out. Refrain from disk crash, drive replacement or reinstallation of operating systems and programs, problematic and costly installation position backup strategies.


No wear, no default installation location, easy to change and extremely shock resistant. Flash is the optimal alternative to hard drives. From the logical separation of data and programs until the automatic backup flash is the perfect pioneering storage medium. The still limited erase cycles lose wire leveling more and more important.


Memory operations are always sources of dubious data problems. Them to a minimum limit is therefore the aim of modern software. Today adequately sized memory allow an application without permanent memory accesses sure to implement. Basically, the reading is sufficient and writing of memory when you turn on and off the operating voltage. This increases very significant data security and provides considerably more dynamic in the process. Our DC Control ensures automatically when an uncontrolled shutdown of the operating voltage for the backup of all data in the flash. Decreases the operating voltage (power) to 90% generated DC Control a control signal that can soft-driver automatic backup (overwriting any existing data in the data flash) enabled.