powerPRESS – compactPRESS

The high speed Press Control


compactPRESS is a general purpose, that measures, controls, checks, compares and evaluates the analog and digital signals of sensors, encoder and transmitters.The user-friendly control with the Touch-Screen is so easy to manage and uncomplicated. Using images instead of buttons, the system guides, informs and helps through every process.


compactPRESS offers an optimized function package for comprehensive tool protection and user-friendly tool

  • min/max monitoring of all relevant tool and press parameters
  • automatic tool profiling by teach-in
  • long-term protection trough continual tool checks
  • tool reports and tool history for economic evaluation of tool and press

We have thought of everything so that you can use the compactPRESS measuring device simply and effectively:

  • a fully-integrated system from the control through tool protection
  • a user-friendly interface that anyone can learn quickly and simply
  • universal hardware with essential components only, for a reliable and continuous operation
  • worldwide service – no matter where your press is operating, you will always have a complete control

As important as the controls are for universal application of compactPRESS, their operation is equally as important.

the “anyone can” operation

The time when dozens of control buttons were scattered more or less logically around the front panel have gone. The modern touch-pad operation of compactPRESS with its process-related, task-specific icons permits easily understood, intuitive (self-explanatory) and logical operation.

The modern visualisation guides the operator from the overall machine mask to the operating detail and back again. Freed from confusing visual information, it always shows only the elements required for each particular operating step. No matter whether you touch forwards or back, whether you start a function or enter production values, the overview is never lost. Furhermore, compactPRESS checks your inputs validity and corrects them automatically, if necessary.

always in the right language

compactPRESS is multilingual – every operator can select the language he understands.

help whenever you need it

Should you ever get into a situation where you don’t know what to do – ask compactPRESS. Just press the ? button and you immediately receive precise, context-related ship.



  • SPS S7 compatible
  • compactPRESS starLINE


  • compactPRESS starLINE
  • compactPRESS ecoLINE

Nothing goes without controls

1. basicCONTROLS
The heart of every compactpRESS is the integrated smartPLC. it links the controls, coordinates the timing an manages all the process. The real-time core guarantees correct performance off all time relevant functions.

2. digitalCONTROLS
This group comprises all the controls for digital signal processing. Signal transmitters are all commercially available digital sensors.

3. analogCONTROLS
This group comrises all the controls for analog signal processing. Analog sensors are the ideal signal transmitters here.

This group comrises all the controls that continuosly measure and control the material and production process. Important controls for complex products, optimisation of the qualitiy and its comprehensive QA documentation.

5. processCONTROLS
Intelligent controls for automatic product sorting and selction.

6. managementCONTROLS
Controls that manage data, information and actions: Die logbook, maintenance organisation, QA reports, import and export of data, etc.

Controls that act as intelligent interfaces, coordinatin communication with other automation systems.