Components / Standalone Devices


This is suitable for all automation tasks which cannot be performed with a PLC or only with significant cost/effort, or which are simply too slow for a PLC.
With its robust hardware and simple system integration the ioCONTROLLER can be seamlessly integrated into any PLC project. It performs all special tasks which a PLC cannot, precisely and ultra-fast.
The ioCONTROLLER begins where the PLC ends and opens up a whole new spectrum of opportunities for many interesting and creative automation ideas.
We give a few examples to show where and how the ioCONTROLLER can support the machine control, enabling entirely new options for greater productivity, quality and transparency in production.

Analog-IN box

To supplement compactPRESS control systems,UNIDOR also offers input modules.
The analog box imports up to 16 analog inputs (0 … 10 V,0/4 … 20 mA) and transmits them via EtherNet/IP or PROFINET. The box is supplied with voltage via specially coded M12 plug connectors. This effectively excludes confusion with the bus cables.
The voltage supply is looped through, so that several modules can be interconnected directly in series.
The bus is connected via standard-compliant M12 plug connectors. The sensors are connected via M8 and are also directly supplied via these connections. The analog box can also be used directly in the field with this equipment.

LVCpro 02-S charge amplifier

New – now also suitable for quasi-static measuring
processes such as servo / hydraulic presses. With the newly designed, compact charge amplifier cassette LVCpro 02-S, a multi-channel measurement of the press force can be performed cost-effectively using piezo sensors. An evaluation can be carried out by any higher-level control with an analog input, e.g. Unidor systems (powerPRESS & compactPRESS ) or external PC and PLC systems.


For machines and devices, for measuring dynamic and quasistatic forces, primarily in press manufacture. The necessary piezo sensors are prefabricated in different designs and supplied by Unidor.

PSA 4ec

The PSA ec4 piezo signal amplifier is a perfect 4-channel amplifier specially for piezo sensors, such as pressure, force, acceleration or torsion sensors in all technical applications and areas. The robust aluminium housing and the high IP67 protection class qualify the use of the PSA in industrial environments in particular and guarantee continuously safe operation.
The EtherCAT®-compatible PSA has 4 analog precision piezo measuring channels (charge amplifiers) including two digital inputs and outputs. The intelligent charge amplifiers are triggered via EtherCAT® with PLC or PC. The extremely low drift of the input stage and the digital processing of the charge signal enable not only very precise, but also quasi-static measurements.