Optical, Single Beam, Rod Form

LAS 3 Series

The laser digital rod type sensors of the LAS 3 series work with visible parallel laser light. Smallest objects
(from 0,1 mm) are detected even in case of a large transmitter / receiver distance.


  • Position control for clearances of max. 20m


  • Internal amplifier
  • Laser protection class 2
  • Laser beam (visible)
  • Different apertures available
  • Sturdy metal housing
  • High range (up to 30m)
  • Insensitive to dirt accumulation
  • 3 pin M 8 connector

LAS 3 series pdf

Laser warning notice:

Laser of the LAS 3 series comply with the laser class 2 according to EN 60825.
The use of this transmitter requires no additional protective measures.

FS 4W, SL 4, SL 8, SL M10x1 Series

With the rod form sensor SL x you can do a position and edge control.


  • Position control
  • Edge control


  • Infrared
  • Signal status indicator
  • External amplifier
  • Alternating light

FS – SL series pdf