PKM 2000

Continuous Press force monitoring device PKM 2000

How it works:

This device was specifically designed to continuously monitor and display the press force. The force is recorded by piezo sensors that are mounted to either the press or tool. The high-resistance charge amplifier transforms the charge transfer into an analog signal. The peak value displayed is proportional to the force measured. The limiting value for each channel is set using potentiometers on the front of the device. The setting range is from 1 – 130 %. The errors for each channel are displayed on a separate LED. Should an error be recorded, the current overload value for both channels is saved to memory.The luminous diode switches from green to red and the output relay is opened. The error can be reset by using the “Reset” key. A display value of 100% is simulated by pressing the “Test” key.

Connection Plan

Technical features:

  • Cost-effective press force measuring device
  • Can be mounted quickly
  • Easy to operate
  • 2 measuring channels / 4 sensors
  • Memory for storing peak values
  • Error storage
  • With 2 piezo sensors including all cables required
  • 100 – 240 VAC power supply


PKM 2000 flyer in PDF form