Piezo sensors are perfect for punching and deformation tools: not only do these sensors distinguish themselves with the lowest price and the smallest fitting dimensions, but also a simple installation and robust handling. You can choose from two sizes and the installation flange which is right for you.

2-The Tool:

The sensor or sensors are positioned on the holding-down plate of the respective tool for punch control or on the holding-down plate of the respective tool for the deformation control.

Due to the fact that they require very little space, a suitable installation position will al- ways be found for the piezo sensors in each tool, no matter whether it is an new tool or retro-fitting.

3-The Control:

smartCONTROL is always the first choice when it comes to the monitoring of dies in tools or the detection of the smallest deformation faults or fractures on material surfaces.

smartCONTROL visualizes, measures and controls all of the sensor signals. Each non-ad- herence to specified target or threshold values is reported and logged.

smartCONTROL is quickly installed and is rea- dy for use by a simple action.