Quite easy

smartLINE and PSAs are the basic components of our combi measuring system: smartCONTROL. Preformed cables ensure a simple but safe installation. All of the piezo sensors ca be plugged into the tool in order to facilitate a fast tool change.

The smartLINE / PSA connection is via EtherCAT. This enables max. 12 piezo sensors to be cascaded quickly. The operating voltage (24V DC) is provided via a plug-in power supply or the switch cabinet control voltage.

Everything under control

Only a few instructions with a click of the finger suffice and smartLINE organizes andmanages, and that entirely automatically with PC support.
Analysing, visualizing, reporting, documenting, nothing remains concealed and nothing is left to chance.
smartLINE provides accurate data and information, thereby taking the required actions automatically. smartLINE assists you without beaks and thereby relieves you of a great amount of routine work.

100 % control

With the 100% punching and deformation control, you have a permanent view of the most important process parameters
concerning the qualitiy of the parts and the tool life.


Cuttings or punchings, abrasion tinsel, soiled strips result in marks, sink holes, cracks, scoring, scratches or dents which cause unacceptable deformation, surface and dimension faults. The aim of this measuring device is to detect these quality defects and eject defective parts.

One or more piezo sensors int the holding-down plate detect the force progress of the deformation.
smartLINE permanently analyses these signals, visualizes them and then reports even the slightest deformation or surface defects. These result in an ejection of the defective parts or a rapid halting of the machine, according to choice.

Punching die

Die breakage, die breakouts, a blocked punching channel and residues in the die result in an immediate deactivation of the machine. The cutting force, die wear, extraction force and the punching force are indications that maintenance work is necessary. Piezo sensors in the punching die pressure plate detect the Progress of the die force. smartLINE analyses these complex Signal structures, permanently visualizes them and then Immediately reports any non-adherence to the stipulated threshold values.

A sensor per punching die would be ideal but this is not always possible in the practice for space reasons. A useful alternative would be to allocate a sensor to each of the punching die groups.